Hip Pocket Workwear & Safety prides itself on being the Footwear Specialist. We offer an extensive range of Safety and Non-Safety Footwear, including Lace Up, Zip Sided, Slip on styles and more. Our trusted brands include Steel Blue, Mongrel, Redback and FXD. Many of our styles come in sizes 14, 15 and 16, to fit those with larger feet. Not every job requires the same level or type of protection, but with our extensive range you are sure to find the perfect shoe.


big and tall shoes for men and women - hip pocket workwear & safety


Safety Footwear is an important part of your workwear and PPE. There are many safety features available including steel cap toes which are designed to protect your feet from falling objects. There are also nonslip soles to help prevent trips and falls. We only stock high quality footwear which can help reduce wearer fatigue, keep your feet comfortable, and ensure you are safe in the workplace.


Having the correct boot or shoe is important for any worker. It does not matter if it’s a building site, warehouse, or mine, its vital that you have the right type of footwear for the job and in the right size. Safety Footwear come in a variety of styles including Zip Sides, Elastic Sides, with or without Bump Caps and in those larger Big and Tall sizes. We have specific fits for both Men and Women. Our Safety Footwear is designed to reduce injury in tough environments.

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