Biz care uses their extensive knowledge of fabric and style to create a unique range of clothing primarily for the health industry, but which is also popular for aged care, therapy, beauty and vets. A coordinating range of blouses and tops extends the look to support teams. Pants, skirts and shorts have functional pockets and key loops to ensure you have a space for everything you need as a busy healthcare professional.

Designed and developed for all professions, the Biz Care range is comfortable, functional and durable. Our extensive range of scrubs is designed locally together with medical professionals from a diverse range of Care industries, ensuring there’s a range of scrubs perfectly suited for your team and job functions. Each item features core principles of durable fabrics, comfort, easy-care and fit for purpose styling.

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The Biz Care range is innovative, comfortable and extremely functional apparel for modern medical professionals. Biz Care garments have been designed to easily coordinate with the Biz Collection range. All the healthcare apparel designs are rigorously tested on real nurses and healthcare professionals to get the functionality just right.